The Golborne Link – Impacts and Alternatives

In 2013, the Government proposed the construction of Phase 2 of the new High Speed 2 rail line to Manchester.   Included in the proposals were a link to the West Coast Main Line at Golborne, the Golborne Link, to provide through trains to Glasgow and Edinburgh, and a rolling stock depot at Golborne.

This was widely opposed by local people and many submissions were made in the ensuing Route Consultation, which closed at the end of January 2014.   These were mainly made on the basis of the local impact on each community or location the line passes.

No individual submission that we are aware of brought together the complete picture of the impact of the Golborne Link as a whole.

Subsequently, the reports “HS2 Plus” and “Rebalancing Britain” were issued by HS2.   These made new proposals including extending the line from Birmingham to Crewe in Phase 1, and building a new hub station at Crewe with connection to the existing rail network, including the West Coast Main Line, at Crewe, by 2027.

This is an important development which changes the balance of arguments and makes the construction of the Golborne link less attractive, and indeed unnecessary, if the Crewe proposals go ahead.

As these proposals were made after the Route Consultation closed at the end of January 2014, there has been no formal route to comment on them.

The purpose of this document is twofold:

• To bring together the information in the various locally based submissions about the Golborne Link to the Route Consultation into one coherent document

• To comment on the subsequent proposals by HS2, which were not available for comment at the time the Route Consultation closed

The full report can be downloaded here –  The Golborne Link – Impacts and Alternatives

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