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HS2 Cost Jumps by £5.6 bn

Today, George Osborne announced as part of the Autumn Statement that there would be a £20bn increase in transport infrastructure spending. However, what he didn’t mention is that over a quarter of this is accounted for by an 11% increase in the cost of building HS2. Full Story –

New hopes that HS2 will miss Culcheth

THE prospect of the HS2 high speed railway project slicing through Culcheth appears to be receding. A new announcement by HS2 Ltd – the company planning the project – indicates they have decided there is no business case for extending the line to Scotland. Full Story – Warrington Worldwide

The battle between Ed Balls and the northern councillors begins

HS2: Labour’s Ed Balls accused of ‘slap in face for Manchester’ over high-speed link Ed Balls has been accused of ‘slapping the north in the face’ – after suggesting the Manchester leg of HS2 might not go ahead. The shadow chancellor appeared to go off-message when he told a group …

HS2 Train

Government has ‘no convincing case’ for £50bn rail line – BBC News

Government has ‘no convincing case’ for £50bn rail line – BBC News The UK government has not shown why it needs to spend £50bn building the HS2 rail link between London and the North, says a House of Lords committee. Full story on BBC News

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