HSM22 Lowton to Bamfurlong

The route section between Lowton and Bamfurlong would be 5.2km long. The section of route connecting to Lowton from the south would be HSM21 from Warburton. The design is 230kph (142mph).

This section of route provides a connection to the West Coast Main Line.

At Lowton Common the A572 would be realigned onto a bridge over the route at the location of the dismantled railway.

A grade separated junction would be provided with the tracks increasing from two to four at a junction by the A572 (Newton Road). The route would be in a cutting, passing through a historic coal mining area and landfill site, which would extend for 1.6km at a maximum depth of 7m. The eastern track would rise (at a maximum height of 2m above ground level) to cross over the through route, which is in a 6m deep cutting, and join the western track to form this diverging route.

Byrom Lane would be diverted for 700m on the north side of the route to avoid it. Slag Lane would be realigned onto a bridge over the route east of Byrom Hall. After a short length at ground level the route would run in a shallow cutting (up to 4m deep), on a low embankment (up to 3m high), at ground level and then rise on an embankment with a maximum height of 12m. The A573 would be realigned onto a bridge over the route.

The existing most easterly of the four WCML lines would be realigned up to 100m east to allow this route to pass over it (at a height of 8m) and descend to connect to the WCML at a junction 300m south of A58 at Bamfurlong in a historic coal mining area. The length of the realignment would be 2km.

A rolling stock maintenance depot option has been developed on the south side of this section of route.

Information taken from HS2 Phase two engineering options report West Midlands to Manchester part 1

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