Guidance Notes For Completion of Consultation Form

We have been working hard since our last communication, we’ve made some new contacts and think that we have been successful at increasing awareness of the proposals within the locality. Thank you as that is down to all of you, sharing the newsletter, discussing it with neighbours and friends and generally spreading the word. Please carry on doing this so that our group strengthens.

We heard that some of you would like some guidance on completing the consultation form so please read on as we have put something together that we hope will help you to complete it…

The deadline for completing the Exceptional Hardship Scheme (EHS) consultation form is almost upon us, we have a limited amount of time to make our voices heard and it is essential that as many people as possible respond. The document appears daunting at first but hopefully, with the help of this guidance, we can make this a much less onerous task for you.

**Consultation Deadline date is 29th April 2013**

Question 1

This asks if you agree or disagree that the Department for Transport should introduce an Exceptional Hardship Scheme.

Guidance – Question 1

  • Agree a scheme is needed
  • State properties are becoming devalued as a direct result of the announcement and that houses are becoming unsellable
  • Request remedy for this NOW to run until after the proposed line is up and running
  • State that it is unfair to expect that only people with a NEED to move should qualify and that those who WISH to should also be considered

Question 2

This question relates to whether you agree or disagree with the proposed criteria underpinning the EHS for Phase 2.

Guidance – Question 2

  • Disagree with the proposed criteria
  • It should not be limited to those whose main residence is within the blighted area, ALL property owners need to be considered
  • State that anybody that can demonstrate any financial loss as a direct result of the proposals should be compensated fairly
  • State that the NEED to move needs to be properly defined
  • Reiterate that people should be able to claim if they WISH to move, not NEED to move
  • Once a financial loss can be demonstrated, this is the point at which an application for compensation should be made, not when the route is finalised
  • The compensation should provide for 100% of demonstrated financial loss, NOT 85%
  • State that the proposed EHS is unfair and should be made available to EVERYBODY who wants to move
  • The same compensation should be available to the Estates of those who also suffer financial loss due to property blight. Executors should not have to fight this
  • A property bond scheme would solve the above problems whereby properties affected are provided with a guarantee from the government that they will receive full market value for their property in the event of a required sale

Question 3

This question asks if you agree or disagree with the proposed process for operating the EHS.

Guidance – Question 3

  • State that you disagree with the proposed process
  • Suggest that it should not be the Secretary of State for Transport that makes the final decision but this should be an independent panel
  • The applicant should be able to choose their own surveyor for valuation purposes as long as they have national accreditation
  • Reiterate that a property bond scheme would ensure that people were being fully and FAIRLY compensated
  • State that there should be a right to appeal

The Consultation Response Form may be found below, we will also be sending a supply of these forms to Glazebrook Post Office in paper form to make it a little easier and we will be present at the Black Swan Farmers Market on 13th April 2013 with a supply.

Printable Consultation Form

HS2 Ltd “How to respond” webpage

HS2 Action Alliance Guidance

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